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To keep your business safe from theft


Since 2018, catalytic converter theft has
increased by 585%. This is because they
are easy to steal, easy for thieves to sell,
currently untraceable, and highly valuable
due to the precious metals they contain.
Currently, the most common targets for
this type of theft include box and pickup
trucks as well as Prius, Honda Elements,
and Lexus SUV’s. The average repair cost
per incident can be anywhere from $500
to $20,000.
Have a professional install a cable
security system that encases the catalytic
converter. Steel or aluminum plates
covering the catalytic converter can also
be installed to the frame of the car. Install
a plate with a unique number/symbol or
have a professional engrave the VIN of the
car onto the catalytic converter. Be aware
that this is an increasing pro


Make sure areas are well-lit and security
cameras or systems are installed and
working properly.
To minimize the risk of burglaries,
look into installing impact-resistant
windows and doors utilizing laminated or
tempered glass.


Vehicles are usually stolen for one of two
reasons: 1) to commit other crimes;
2) crimes of opportunity.
Make sure to lock your vehicles, don’t leave
vehicles unattended while running, re-key
vehicles if keys are lost, and/or add GPS
trackers to all company vehicles, and etch
keys with unique markings or identifiers.


Don’t leave tools out in plain view or
easily accessible. Without absolute proof
of ownership, police cannot return stolen
Document all serial numbers for tools,
specialized equipment, etc. Make an
investment into heavy lockable job boxes
and secure to ground if possible. Add
company name or other identifies to
belongings in permanent ways. Look
into tool tracking software and hardware
(Dewalt and Milwaukee both make


Trailers under 750 pounds are not
required to be registered and do not
automatically have an assigned VIN.
Document your VIN or serial number.
Theft deterrents include adding
distinguishing paint (or vehicle wrap),
markings or other features to make it
easily identified by law enforcement
when recovered, speeding up the process
when returning stolen items to victims.
When trailers are not in use, install and
use a hitch lock and/or wheel locks such
as chains, cables, block locks, kingpin
locks, etc.
Look into adding an owner-applied
number. You can create your own QR
code that can then be etched or labeled
on your trailer by going to this website:
You can also request a VIN number be
assigned through the DMV on their
website: vehicles/
trailers. You may need to pay for a title to
the trailer to obtain a VIN