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Membership Benefits for Businesses!

We're thrilled to introduce an expanded range of benefits for our members, specifically crafted to fuel both your business and personal development. Our business benefits package features the 401(k) Multiple Employer Plan, safeguarding your employees' financial future with a customized retirement scheme. Not only that, but you can also elevate your business visibility with exclusive advertising prospects in City Journals. And that's not all—we also provide comprehensive employee benefits at unrivaled rates. Don't miss out on seizing these exciting new opportunities!

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401(k) Multiple Employer Plan

Looking to conquer the challenges of running a business in Utah? Ensuring that your employees' futures are secure is a key component of an appealing benefits package. By providing a top-notch 401(k)-retirement plan tailored to support their individual financial aspirations, you're offering one of the most essential small business benefits packages available. Establish a dynamic, powerful plan that suits both you and your Utah-based employees.

Benefits of the Chamber’s MEP:

  • Greater cost efficiency (offered institutional pricing regardless of business size)
  • Access to a wider range of investment options
  • Ensure the fulfillment of fiduciary responsibilities
  • No TPA fees, no set up charges

Utah Employee Benefits as Low as $0.97/Employee/Month!

Every Employee can enjoy:

  • Member rates for ChamberWest programs and events 
  • Access to the member business directory 
  • Access to member-to-member discounts and promotions 
  • Job Fair: Semi-annual fairs directed toward students, families, and community members 
  • Fall Conference: Gathering of area business owners, local political leaders, and other interested parties interested in sharing information, discussing the latest trends affecting business, and helping to prepare for the future 

Current and Future Leaders can take advantage of:

  • Legislative Affairs Committee 
  • Professional Development Series: Professional Development Topics presented by prominent leaders in the community with lunch and an opportunity to network 
  • Leadership Institute: Designed to challenge and engage leaders in professional and personal growth 
  • Annual Golf Classic: Annual event drawing 180+ golfers and 30+ sponsors for a day of networking, fun, and relationship building 
  • Relationships and “dial a friend” networks to last a lifetime 
  • Weekly communication email 

Women can benefit from:

  • Spring Conference: Gathering of women business owners and political leaders in the area 
  • Golf Clinic: Golf pros focused on helping women learn the basics or fine-tune their golf skills 
  • Professional Growth Series: Lifting, elevating, and inspiring women to grow professionally through leadership, education, business relationships, and networking 
  • Nine ‘n Dine: A day of fun focused on getting women out on the course with tips on golf etiquette and course management 
  • Women in Business Holiday Event 

Perks for Young Professionals

Resume Diversity

Chambers provide members with the chance to elevate their resumes with impactful experiences. From leading teams and receiving community accolades to actively participating in committees, there are countless opportunities to enhance your professional standing.

Exclusive Information

Get ready to unleash the power of exclusive member benefits! Gain instant access to cutting-edge legislative policy updates, groundbreaking original research, and forward-thinking regional predictions. Immerse yourself in articles from top industry leaders, exclusive seminars, and game-changing best practices. Stay ahead of the curve with our dynamic newsletters and proprietary content. Elevate your expertise and stay at the forefront of industry innovation!

Job Searches

Chambers offer many job opportunities waiting to be discovered. Whether you prefer scouring online job boards, networking at job fairs, or uncovering exclusive openings, we have everything you need to advance your career, turning professional dreams into reality.

Leadership Skills

Check out the awesome programs available for members to gain recognition as community leaders! Whether it's stepping up to answer questions at an event or taking the spotlight by speaking at a legislative session, every opportunity is a chance for professional growth.

Reputation Building

Chambers are like a launchpad for professionals to skyrocket their reputation. Joining a chamber not only boosts your credibility but also shows your dedication to the community, highlights your adherence to top-notch professional standards, and keeps you in the loop about the latest trends and innovations in the area.

Benefits & Discounts

Get ready to unlock a world of exclusive benefits and discounts! As a member, you'll enjoy savings on a wide range of products and services, incredible group healthcare and small business employee benefits options, travel discounts that will make your next trip unforgettable, and access to exciting mentoring programs, young professional groups, and exclusive conferences and events. Get ready to elevate your membership experience!

Training & Education

Unlock the pathway to success in any industry through the power of education! Chambers offer an array of exciting opportunities including interactive workshops, cutting-edge online training, and engaging peer-to-peer learning experiences. These resources are specifically designed to propel our members to new heights of professional development.

Strength in Numbers

Chambers wield significant political influence while operating in a collaborative and low-stress environment. They dedicate themselves to shaping legislation, influencing policy and regulation, and rallying public support to advance the interests and values of their communities.

Giving Back

Chambers offer boundless chances for members to get involved in volunteering at every level. Whether diving into chamber activities or supporting other charitable causes, there are countless opportunities to make a meaningful impact and give back to the community.


Connect with like-minded professionals and thought leaders in vibrant chamber communities. Gain exclusive access to private online networks, membership directories, and a wealth of enriching programs and events. This is where meaningful connections happen.

What Is The Chamber Doing For You?


Are More Likely To Buy From A Chamber Member


Believe The Local Chamber Of Commerce Helps Create Jobs

When Consumers Perceive A Business Is A Chamber Member


Increase in Consumer Awareness


Increase In Local Reputation

Restaurant Franchises

Insurance Companies


More Likely To Eat At The Franchise More Often


More Likely To Consider Buying Insurance From Them

A national survey of 2,000 adults done by The Shapiro Group, an Atlanta-based market research firm, reveals that a business that is a member of a local chamber of commerce experiences increased favorability.

Join Us!

Join ChamberWest today to unlock a world of opportunities for your business and personal growth. Our expanded suite of benefits is designed to support your business in Utah, offering exclusive advertising opportunities, comprehensive employee benefits for small businesses at unbeatable rates, and access to a wide range of Chamber programs and events. By becoming a member, you can take advantage of our 401(k) Multiple Employer Plan, which ensures the financial future of your employees with a tailored retirement plan. Join us to elevate your business visibility while securing a brighter future for your team.