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Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute Program is designed to challenge and engage leaders in professional and personal growth while inspiring an entrepreneurial spirit in building a better community.

Participants register in July/August prior to the start of the 10 month program.  There is a required commitment to participating in the program for one day a month for 10 months.  The first month also includes an evening program with meals and overnight accommodations at the Homestead Resort  in Midway, Utah.

Individuals interested in participating must complete an application, commit to attending all ten sessions, and provide a letter of support from their employer.  You must attend 80% of the sessions to graduate.  Registration for the year closes by August 15th.  Program sessions are as follows:


September Kicking Off Event - Orientation/Team Building
October “Winning with Teams”
November “Home Leaders Engage - Community Services and Paying it Forward”
December “People First - Customers, Community & Employees”
January “Business Health - Relevance and Viability through Continuous Improvements“
February “Politically Speaking - Leglislative Impact on Policy”
March “Civic Leadership in Action - Township, City and County Government”
April “Strategic Planning”
May “Military Leadership"
June “Project Leadership” & Leadership Institute Graduation

What attendees are saying about program:

“Leadership Institute has inspired my leadership style and taught me the power of people.”

“It is richly rewarding to be able to get inside of prominent businesses, government, and other community organizations to learn leadership principles and techniques.”

“When you participate in Leadership Institute, something starts inside of you - you become a factor of change in every environment, you learn to see opportunities and you have the courage to go for them.”

“Participating in Leadership Institute has helped me break free from insecurities, weaknesses, and will ultimately help me grow and develop into a stronger and more confident person!”

“The engagement with others has brought my leadership to a new level & sparked interest in brainstorming ways to get involved with the community.  This was the best learning experience I've been a part of in a long time.”

“Even though I've been involved with other leadership organizations in the past, this has been the best leadership training I've been a part of.  I'm impressed with the quality of the guests, companies, leadership, and diversity and it was just what I needed.”

“I feel like this program helped me take the next step in maturity both professionally and personally.  I have made what I hope to be lifelong friends.”

“I would highly recommend this program for anyone looking to develop leadership skills as this program has been invaluable to my progress as a leader.”

“The Leadership Institute was one of the best development experiences I’ve ever completed.”

“This program is a must do!  I would recommend it to anyone as a great training experience.”

“The exposure to many types of businesses and government organizations provided a wide variety and wonderful insights to develop leadership skills.  Our organization will definitely recommend individuals to participate in future institute opportunities.”

Registration Includes:

10 one day programs, overnight accommodations with meals at the Homestead Resort, continental breakfast and lunch at each session, two leadership books, journal, new phone-a-friend network, and a lifetime of memories.


$999 if register prior to August 16th and a ChamberWest Member

$1200 after August 16th and for ChamberWest Non-Members